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Edmond Leung
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KEYPAD 5th Anniversary Party
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Lee-Ann d’Alexandry
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Vogue - Jetset
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Ms Janice Vidal
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Ms Coco Chiang
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Mr Bowie Lam
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Ms Clara Lee
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Gaile Lok
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Mark Lui
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Alex To
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Eric Kwok & Jerald Chan
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She’s Back
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Laid Back Summer
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Annie Liu
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Blossom of Wearable Art
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KEYPAD’s 1st Anniversary
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Night and the City
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In The Mood for Summer
Hacken Lee
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Gigi Leung
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Anthony Wong
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Vivian Chow
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Maserati Quattroporte
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Many Aspire. Few Attain.



KEYPAD is the first bilingual luxury lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong to be delivered directly to the workplaces of professionals. Published on a bi-monthly basis, our magazine features contents catered for the elite and influential society. Dedicated for professionals, our magazine has a controlled and targeted circulation and distribution in Hong Kong. A complimentary copy sealed in an envelope with labels personally addressing to each professional is sent directly to their offices.

  We reach out to professionals, ranging from doctors to lawyers, whom are often hard to access through mainstream avenues. Valuing the time and commitment these working professionals put in to their work, the team behind KEYPAD has worked out the perfect plan to enrich their lifestyle in between their hectic schedule with the modern luxuries of life.

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我們的目標客戶定位於香港最頂尖的一群,佔著總人口的 2.8%
Our targeted audience is narrowed down to Hong Kong's affluent demographic, which comprise of 2.8% of the general population.


of readers listed high-end brands as a top priority as part of their buying decision.


of readers archive magazines for future references


According to our survey conducted in 2011, above 81% of our readers earn an annual income greater than HKD$1,000,000.


of our targeted population prefer traditional magazine to digital magazines.

Edmond Leung

“I get to learn from my friends through their professionalism. At times, being friends and being work partners are totally different. Some friends are strong-minded with their visions, while others are very open-minded. The processes are pleasurable as I benefit from learning to walk in other’s shoes.”

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Shawn Yue & Miriam Yeung

“I strive to give my best performance in every role I play in order to capture the attention of different directors, hence opening up more opportunities for myself.”

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Lee-Ann d’Alexandry

“As a model, there was a lot of cliches of us being stupid. In actual fact, you can be a model and also have an alternative interesting and intelligent careers. Modern women — we’re capable of doing so many things.”

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Mr.Donnie Yen

“Star Wars is a science fiction story rooted with many philosophical values. Ultimately, it is the narrative’s content that is the star of the film. As a father myself, I really hope that the films that I’m in are inspirational and good social models for children. This is why I keep doing what I do.”

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Ms Sammi Cheng

“From the experience, I learned that being too persistent bears no good result; instead it makes you more tense. Henceforth, I’ll just do my best and leave the rest to God, and be receptive and obedient to the answers up above because there must be something that He wants me to learn from them.”

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Ms Danielle Graham

“It’s something very close to my heart and has been in the making for over three years now. I was always into reading and writing. The interest then grew into wanting to share my home cooking recipes into a book that can be passed on for generations.”

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Ms Janice Vidal

“I believe people who like my music are on the journey with me. As I’m evolving, they’re evolving too… I have to use my brain more now!”

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Ms Coco Chiang

“The word ‘passionate’ isn’t enough to convey my feelings towards cooking. Studying in Le Cordon Bleu made me discover my true calling. I feel like I was born to be a chef!”

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Mr Bowie Lam

“I’m glad I became an actor, because as you go over the script, you are transformed into a fictional character in a made-up world. For me, I literally become the character I play.”

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“This is relatively hard to say, but we believe that Twins will go further into the performing aspect in the next 15 years. And in the journey of life, we will stay together to face news challenges that comes our way. No doubt will we be good friends till our 80s, reflecting on our lives and have no regrets that we had gone through this silver journey together.”

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Ms Clara Lee

“It’s really important to have a positive mindset and always learn to love yourself. I am always confident and looking forward to new challenges ahead.”

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Ms Coco Lee

“It’s more about feeling what I do, and have passion for what I do. Besides music, I do a lot of charity stuff with the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. It’s about giving back. When you have passion for what you do, everything comes from the heart. You feel good and happy doing it, and in return you can see yourself affect people the same way.”

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Ms Gaile Lok

“Besides surfing I also enjoy x-sports and traveling. I really enjoyed watching Indiana Jones when little, so my dream is to become an adventurer. If time permits, I hope to investigate different parts of the world, discovering Earth’s many new places and things. I feel grateful even if I get to travel once a year, I don’t need a luxurious journey and I only visit a place once.”

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Mr Mark Lui

“Designing jewellery can be compared with writing music and songs. I spent a few months to decide what to do. At the moment I focus solely on what I enjoy doing and what I feel it’s right to do. Letting go of market demands and social concerns, so the products naturally take a unique form of its own becoming one of a kind. I think we should all treasure the innocence we have.”

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Mr Alex To

“There was a time just I was solely focused on doing things I liked, after so many years I want to share with my fans. The first stop of my concert in Hong Kong was very successful, my team is ready to give the best, so I can present the new Alex.”

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Swing (Mr Eric Kwok & Mr Jerald Chan)

Eric and Jerald have each experienced ups and downs in life, working behind the stage during their low tides, in turn enriching their own skills and talents. The is seen with great energy, chemistry and passion on stage, regardless of who is playing and who is singing their performance on stage is flawless, showing their best side.

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Ms Karena Lam

“Art is the love of my life: reading, admiration for famous paintings, music, opera, they all touch my soul, a source to where my imagination comes from. I think throughout these four years, the amount of time allowed me to learn and contemplate, and these experiences will slowly surface in the future, bringing the flavor out of my works.”

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Ms Annie Liu

“My experience in Mainland China has always been satisfying and rewarding. It is very enriching meeting many people and groups along the way. Just the thought is enough to bring a smile to my face. Destiny will lead the way.”

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Mr Roy Chow

“Be my guest! Even on the same topic, every film director applies their own interpretations. Just like song-writing, everyone composes the same song based on their own style.”

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Ms Karen Mok

“Being different has actually become a habit. To me it’s a challenge when others don’t do certain things that I do; the more others don’t want to try, the more I feel I should.”

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Mr Johnnie To

“The director is the essence and the soul of the movie. He should have the right to decide everything, down to the smallest trifles as in what to eat and who should be the first to get onto the vehicle.”

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Mr Andy Lau & Gordon Lam

“I believe the local studios should produce more authentic local movies which are similar to Firestorm to make room for newcomers.”

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Ms Vivian Hsu

“I’d like to be the Queen of Comedy. Comedic films are tough to make, but I would still be glad to take up the challenge.”

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Mr Hacken Lee

“Singing is a way for me to express myself to music listeners, and also a mutual way of communicating.”

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Ms GiGi Leung

“Popularity can be categorized as dangerous as much as meaningful depending on how you use it.”

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Mr Anthony Wong

“People grow, and same goes for acting. I am not as stubborn as I was before, and I am more prepared and skilled with portraying roles. The ultimate goal is for the film to be an over all success and what I can do is to put in my best efforts.”

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Ms Vivian Chow

“Without any experience or much thinking, I started working when I was still very young. And being introverted, I was always fearful of strangers. 10 years went by in a glimpse of the eye and one day I came to think; the pursuit of thins changes at different stages of life but I myself only kept working non-stop, like shutting myself from the outside world.”

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Mr Aaron Kwok

“My new role is called Lau Kit-Fai, who is the Deputy Commissioner of Police. He is powerful at work, which is very different from my previous roles. He is subtle and steady with detailed thoughts, making it real challenge for me to study and to develop this character”

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Ms Kathy Chow

In 2005, Kathy Chow released My Style Guide:Kathy Chow’s Journey in Taipei that shared the wonderful scenery and her feelings about the journeys. Her independence and confidence allow her to stand out from all the celebrity models. She has her own interpretation of woman and redefines the value of a woman.

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Mr Michael Wong

Filmmaking has always been an industry that produces dreams; audiences find their dreams come true in the lights and sounds, while actors discover the unknown self via their roles. Actor Michael Wong has made a recent breakthrough for his role in the upcoming film Nightfall: a violent father.

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Mr Cheung Kai Fai


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KEYPAD PRODUCTION 是一間擁有豐富經驗的製作公司,為著名的客戶群提供專業服務,地域遍及亞洲和歐洲。
無論您有多少資源,無論您需要的影片製作是廣告宣傳、企業形象、招聘、時裝、紀錄片, 甚或是幽默喜劇,KEYPAD PRODUCTION 團隊都能助您一一完成,超乎您所想所求。

  KEYPAD PRODUCTION is a highly skilled Production Company with extensive experience producing content for prestigious clients across Asia and Europe.
We are confident conceptualizing, writing, shooting and producing corporate, commercial and factual video content for TV and the web and work with a network of mainstream broadcasters in Hong Kong and China.
Whether you need a commercial, corporate, recruitment, fashion, factual, or even comedy video, KEYPAD’s team will make it happen, within your budget, and beyond your expectations.

廣告製作及拍攝 - Corporate & Commercial

Our team has experience promoting impressive products with great sceneries.

活動統籌及紀錄 - Event Production & Coverage

​Our team of professionals can cover your entire gala.

時裝攝影及錄像 - Fashion Photoshoot & Video

Get the chance to work with the professionals who are behind our magazine’s finest.

餐飲及酒店拍攝 - Restaurant/ Hotel Photoshoot ﹠ Video

As a company with am active luxury magazine, our crew is experienced capturing high end products for promotions.

音效與音樂 - Sound & Music Production

​Our studios are fully equipped for all kind of sound engineering.

動畫和動態圖像 - Animation & Motion Graphics

​We develop content for the educational sector as well as training videos for enterprises.

電視節目 - TV Programme Production

​We produced television programmes for use in Hong Kong and Mainland in collaboration with major TV corporations.

微電影 - Micro Film

KEYPAD PRODUCTION is a highly skilled Production Company with extensive experience producing content for prestigious clients across Asia and Europe.

Download the Mediakit

Discover all the amazing products we have to offer. ​Download our mediakit now.

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Smacked in the heart of the bustling streets of Lan Kwai Fong, KEYPAD celebrated its 5th anniversary milestone with close to 300 guests in attendance. Set to the theme “Film Noir”, the exclusive cocktail party was a cozy affair decked in stylised black and white backdrop, contrasted with Ciao Chow’s warm cooper lighting installation. Bluesy soulful live music filled the atmosphere, while guests enjoyed top notch woodfired pizzas, canapes and fine wine by the authentic Italian cafeteria, as well as German brand Slyrs’ single malt whiskeys.

A life-size display of Bentley Continental GT, with courtesy from Frank Dale & Stepsons, boldly took centre stage; while local jewellery brand Heting Jewellery bedazzled the venue with their folkloric collections. Friends from Saxo Capital Markets had a booth set up to readily offer interested guests smart tips on online trading. Apart from the usual attractive lucky draws provided from sponsors, guests enthusiastically participated in our trivia quizzes.

It has been a special year for KEYPAD - not only was it a celebration for thriving half a decade in publishing, the magazine also celebrated the new leadership under Crown One Media Group, helmed by Professor Patrick Wong since his acquisition of the magazine back in June 2016. “We’re always looking out for room to grow. With our continuous aspiration to expand KEYPAD’s international reach, we have most recently made KEYPAD available for sale at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal bookstores; and soon, we plan to expand our reach to airports of first tier cities in Mainland China,” Professor Wong remarked.


KEYPAD and Indian luxury jewellery brand NIRAV MODI collaborated to host an intimate private preview event at NIRAV MODI’s global flagship store, which only debuted four months ago. Situated at 1881 Heritage, guests were able to marvel at the various diamond collections around the spacious interior while enjoying fine wine and delicate canapes. The 3,000 sq.ft. store has a flowing, graceful aesthetic created to capture the elegance, purity, and femininity of NIRAV MODI, whilst drawing references from the visual richness in each jewel - including the innovative stretchable Embrace Collection, the intricate white and pink-layered Lotus Collection, and several exclusive high jewellery pieces. Furthermore, guests got to experience first hand the exceptional VIP customer-service treatment as attentive NIRAV MODI staff offered services catered to the individual’s needs and desires.


Hong Kong’s inaugural classic cars auction, helmed by Italian Motors and Auto Italia’s former Chairman and CEO Dr. Richard Lee, garnered over 200 guests visiting over 2 days, even despite the inclement weather. The auction was led by acclaimed automotive historian, author, publisher, broadcaster and auctioneer Guy Loveridge, whom highly praised the event for delivering accomplished and polished results, with the settings rivaling to European counterparts, in addition to the encouraging sales rate of almost 35%. The strong showing suggests that the classic car scene is gaining momentum in Hong Kong, and a testament to the Hong Kong community’s deep rooted passion for classic cars in Hong Kong.


Over 200 guests gathered to celebrate a brand new era — the acquisition of KEYPAD by prominent financial commentator Professor Patrick Wong, and the concurrent establishment of his brand new media group Crown One Media Group Limited. To add on to the celebration, KEYPAD also announced a new strategic partnership with outdoor digital media XGD Media, while KEYPAD video clips simultaneously broadcasted on the large LED display in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong.


It seemed beyond our imagination that a gorgeous piece of music can sound anymore better than it already is. Bowers & Wilkins, the English high-end audio specialists, has once again proven to us that quality speakers have the ability to deliver sounds in dynamic perfection. Complementing the cozy and posh closed-store showcase were the glamorous Spanish jewellery brand Artē latest spring collection, as well as fine wine by Wootzz.

VIP guests were given the chance to experience pristine sounds in various scenarios – from enjoying raw acoustic music of Bob Dylan from a Millennium Award-winning Nautilus stereo system, being blown away by the powerful live orchestral ballad from Celine Dion through the 800 Diamond Series system, to being on the edge of your seat with a larger-than-life surround sound experience of a Marvel action film with the CM Series theatre system – all set within the comforts of a home living space.


The sky’s the limit when it came to celebrating Keypad Magazine’s 4th anniversary. The jubilant occasion was set against the iconic skyline at the 100th floor of the city’s tallest building, International Commercial Centre (ICC). Set to the theme Astro, the exclusive cocktail party laid the premise for an unparalleled celestial experience by shining light on contemporary and futuristic luxury lifestyle. Continuing to set sights beyond local shores, this year marked a significant milestone with the expansion into Macau.


On 11th September night at Landmark Atrium, our VIP guests enjoyed a privileged preview at the latest Fall-Winter 2015 Corneliani collection. This year, grey, navy blue and brown were chosen as the core colour, combining elements of Italian’s elegance and diversified motion. Corneliani’s tailoring and clothing aesthetics defy the boundaries of formal and casual wear by perfectly capturing the essence of the Corneliani prince - young, confident, free and determined. In addition, the brand showcases unrestricted detailed designs by using small neck scarves and patterned single-breasted overcoat instead of the common ties and double-breasted designs.


On 10th October, KEYPAD had the privilege to collaborate with partners across the border in Shanghai. Our partners at Audi Shanghai operates a premium customers’ club simply known as The Club. With over 3000 members who are premium car owners and also readers of KEYPAD, The Club hosted an event that was night to remember. Living up to the party’s name, guests were thoroughly entertained at the exclusive banquet as they not only got to enjoy a scrumptious spread of food wine, they participated in a lucky draw and were also treated to performances such as a close up magic show.


We celebrated all things English at our Kent & Curwen VIP Event - from football, crisp UK beer, fish and chips, and last but not least, Kent & Curwen’s dapper Fall-Winter 2015 collection. Held on 30th September and 20th October at Time Square and Harbour City respectively, guests were treated to light refreshments, lucky draws, as well as entertaining football freestyle performances to mark the brand’s new partnership with international football star David Beckham. The new collection comprises of aesthetics that seek to combat traditions through “distortion” of usual styles, while not forsaking functionality through its quality fabrics that replicates those of essential sportswear.


On 25th September, guests were transported back into the 70s as the DAKS store in Element was flanked by a Harley Davidson motorbike, throwback music, and models adorned with retro hairstyle and wardrobe. Guests enjoyed an array of canapé and fine wine, in addition to attractive lucky draw prizes that were up for grabs. Two models sashayed in a series of the English brand’s latest Fall-Winter 2015 collection - themed “Luxury in Motion”. In the spirit of the evolutionary inventions of English wheels seen in bicycles and motor vehicles, DAKS celebrates this through their fashion design by capturing nuances of dynamism and elegance.


September was a memorable month for KEYPAD - not only did we host two VIP events with Italian luxury-menswear brand CERRUTI 1881, one of them was our inaugural offshore event since our expansion into Macau in August. Held on 10th September at Hong Kong’s Time Square and 29th September at Galaxy Macau, guests were treated to fine Italian wine and canapé, as well as a private preview of the brand’s latest Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Founded in 1881 as a reputable textile factory, the brand has since expanded internationally as a one that offers quality-tailoring of beautiful and timeless designs, maintaining the spirit of authentic maleiconography. This season’s Fall/Winter collection comprises of three themes - Autumn Chic, Winter Alps and Monaco, which features a range of well-tailored sophisticated menswear to suit all occasions.


Cocooned in the the middle of ifc mall’s Oval Atrium, Cartier set up an intricately-designed space to host its Skeleton Exhibition from 2 - 6 July 2015. The 5-days event featured an exclusive overview of the luxury brand’s skeleton jewelled timepieces, with thoughtfully designed booths that covered its rich watchmaking technicalities and milestones. Guests were not only able to enjoy delectable cocktail food and drinks, they also got to participate in educational sessions presented by Watch Connoisseur Carson Chan and Watch Critic Simon Shia.


Never failing to encapsulate the world of sports through its immaculate timepieces, Hublot launched its limited-edition Big Bang collection that highlights the competitive spirit of poker. To celebrate the brand’s role as the first luxury brand to be the World Poker Tour’s Official Timekeeper and Official Watch, Hublot and Keypad came together to host an exclusive cocktail party for our distinguished readers at their at the Ocean Terminal Boutique on 15th June. Not only were guests able to see the exclusive timepieces up close, they were also treated to scrumptious finger food and fine wine; and not forgetting - a game of poker.


With over 50 years of history, Corneliani continues to shine with its legacy. The foundation of passion and experienced craftsmanship has shaped Corneliani into one of the pioneers and giants in men’s fashion in Italy. Being dedicated to our readers, the KEYPAD x Corneliani VIP Event was launched on 17th April at the Landmark Atrium, Central. Given the precious time, guests being invited gathered together to have a “men’s talk” about men’s fashion. A touch of the graceful suit and a glass of fine wine not only make men perfect, but also embellished our Friday night with sparks.


KEYPAD Magazine and Oxyvital hosted a glamorous dinner for the honourable readers in late January, also invited the cellar master, Mr. Peter Chu, hosting the wine pairing dinner session. All guests spent a relaxing night as they mingled over fine wine and delicate cuisines under the spectacular night view.


With exhilarating performance, outstanding handling and groundbreaking outlook, McLaren has launched a range of renowned supercars across the world. The new McLaren 625C offers the optimized driving dynamics all McLaren models are famous for, with a greater focus on refinement, as well as day-to-day usability and comfort. To welcome the festive season, KEYPAD VIP readers were invited to join the McLaren Hong Kong Christmas Cocktail Party at McLaren Hong Kong Wan Chai Showroom on 19th December 2014. With Christmas-themed canapés, wines and lucky draw, the party was full of joy and laughter.


Baccarat was founded in 1764, the King of France Louis XV granted the bishop of Metz to create a glass making establishment in Baccarat, a town in northeastern state of France, and celebrated the 250th anniversary in 2014. Bacarrat, the French crystal art-piece’s brand, is famous for its superior manual craft as well as ingenious design. Baccarat is not only a representative of the top crystallization art, but also one of the oldest crystal art-piece’s brands in the world. The brand is synonymous with aristocratic and elegant, also is seen as a kind of noble and stylish attitude to life. There is no better way to appreciate the Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume and Louxor Accessories Collection than specially inviting KEYPAD interior design professional readers to a KEYPAD x Baccarat VIP Event at Hoi Ping Road Showroom, Causeway Bay, on 12th December 2014. There also were scarf tying lesson, cartoon portrait entertainment and canapés made a wonderful night surrounded by the noble household, yet showed the elegant style of life.


KEYPAD specially invited our honourable VIP readers to join “Aston Martin x Bang & Olufsen x KEYPAD Experience Night” at Aston Martin Showroom in Happy Valley, on 24th November 2014, to explore the new masterpiece respectively presented by Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen, to enjoy the night of combining the most inimitable aesthetics. Our VIP readers were offered display of the new Aston Martin eight-speed Vanquish, which was with the new Touchtronic III eight-speed automatic gearbox, at the meantime, entertained by the demonstration of the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 85” TV sets the perfect stage for a truly cinematic movie experience with crystal clear action images and an engaging surround sound that unfolds to reveal an enthralling stadium sensation, as well as the wine and fresh canapés, all to help our readers enjoy and relax.


The Hong Kong Classic Car and Vintage Festival celebrated its debut on 15th and 16th November, welcoming close to 100 classic cars and motorcycles at the New Central Harbourfront Event Space. The weekend’s festival gave visitors a chance to relive the glamour and nostalgia of yesteryear through a host of family-friendly activities and entertainment that lasted all day and into the night. The complimentary kids’ zone was open on both Saturday and Sunday, with the Henley Sports Day introducing the Festival’s youngest fans to old fashioned games such as three-legged, sack, and egg and spoon races. The Festival’s official charity partner, Viva, ran peddle cars and colouring activities.

Guests had plenty of opportunities to not only get into the spirit of vintage, but also into iconic looks from the 1920s through 1970s with complimentary hair, make-up and wet shave services courtesy of Paul Gerrard, ERA, Hollywood Hair and Gentlemen’s Tonic . During the day, friends and families enjoyed picnics on the grass and the Handmade Hong Kong Vintage Village, while at night the area was transformed into a “silent” outdoor cinema from Hushup and Movie Movie, featuring classic hits such as the 1969 caper film, The Italian Job.


Every Jaguar is created to feel alive, and being famous for its distinguished alive design and excellent technology. On the first Sunday of November, KEYPAD together with Jaguar brings a CARS OVER COFFEE test drive event to KEYPAD VIP readers at Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill, Lei King Wan. The models for test drive including F-TYPE Coupe, Jaguar XF 3.0, Jaguar XJ 2.0, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. In addition, KEYPAD invited a professional barista to offer coffee-making workshop to tell the secrets of coffee art at the venue, in the hope of KEYPAD VIP readers could not only get a super test drive whilst having a wonderful weekend with family and friends.


Original created in 1966 and runs more than forty years, the classic audio brand Bowers & Wilkins brought Keypad VIP readers an exclusive Close-Store event to enjoy the 360 degree auditory feast at Central showroom, 1 Duddell Street, on 24th October, 2014.

Bowers & Wilkins shows a serious of new, high technology products in the event, including the renowned speakers, quality headphones, and automotive series, etc. In addition to appreciate the perfect sound effects and high-end luxury appearance of Bowers & Wilkins products, Mr. Desmond Chow, the THX Home Theater & Video Calibration Professional, was also invited to attend as a guest speaker to give professional advices and useful tips about home theater setup. Great sound, wine, fresh canapés, plus an exclusive Bowers & Wilkins discount, all to help our readers enjoy and relax.


LALIQUE, the French crystal brand, is renowned for its superior craftsmanship as well as ingenious design. Lalique is not only a representation of excellence and artistry, but also a part of France’s heritage that has been embraced internationally. The brand is synonymous with aristocracy and elegance, also seen as a kind of noble and stylish attitude to life. There is no better way to appreciate the Furniture Collection presented by Lady Tina Green and Pietro Mingarelli than specially inviting KEYPAD interior design professional readers to a KEYPAD x LALIQUE VIP Event at Lalique Maison, 1 Duddell Street, Central, on September 12th, 2014. There also were a Macallan Whiskey Tasting session, mellow wine and noble household made a wonderful night, yet showed the elegant style of life.


KEYPAD Magazine’s 2nd Anniversary Party on 25th July 2014 was a great success held at The Hong Kong Science Park Atrium Link. That night, it was packed with more than four hundred guests ranging from Hong Kong’s selected readers and professionals. KEYPAD caters to the elites and influential society here in Hong Kong and is proud to have a thriving readership. The night was full of celebration with delicious food and great performances. “The mini Celine Dion of Hong Kong” Celine Tam serenaded the guests with the songs, and also Football Freestyler Lyson Sze showed off some fancy footwork and tricks in honor of the World Cup. The night of the “Golden Era” was made possible because of KEYPAD’s supporting partners and expert contributors, Keypad used a portion of the night to express thanks to those who give life to the pages of the lifestyle magazine. See you next year!


British luxury brand Gieves&Hawkes marks 240 years of service as Military Outfitters while also creating the finest bespoke garments. In order to bring the internationally renowned ‘Handmade in England’ collection to KEYPAD readers, a VIP preferential exclusive shopping and cocktail party was held in association with Gieves&Hawkes at the Ice House Street store on the evening of 30 May 2014. During the party, Mr. Dixon Wu, the founding director of KEYPAD Magazine together with Mr. Charles Lassman, the Product General Manager of Gieves&Hawkes, brought a warm welcome speech to all the guests, specially introduced KEYPAD expert contributors and the determination of continuing the fine heritage of Gieves&Hawkes. KEYPAD readers were not only enjoyed the shopping privileges and Canapés, but also got knowledge about how the world-class brand Gieves&Hawkes carried their craftsmanship and innovation to the garments.


Inherited Mr.Kokichi Mikimoto’s long-cherished dream “I would like to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls”, the world renowned jewelry brand MIKIMOTO hosted the “MIKIMOTO SS 2014 Collection” KEYPAD X MIKIMOTO Cocktail Reception & Exclusive Preview event at IFC store on the evening of April 24th, 2014. KEYPAD guests not only take an early look at the latest fabulous collections, but also enjoy the exclusive offer of VIP shopping privilege for all items. Champagne, canapés, and the special prepared part - Instant Comic Drawing by a famous Sketch Artist, all make the event delightful and enjoyable.


The 54th District Conference of Rotary International District 3450 was successfully held for two consecutive days on 22th and 23th February, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Tseung Kwan O in Hong Kong. This year marks the 109th anniversary of Rotary International and the Rotary spirit and common aspiration of Service, Fellowship and Integrity really shined in the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.


KEYPAD X MONTBLANC‘s VIP shopping night was held at MONTBLANC’s 1881 HERITAGE store and Festival Walk branch during the time in January and February. KEYPAD readers was not only greeted with the latest products such like writing instruments, leather products, and renowned Nicolas Rieussec watch series from Montblanc, but also enjoy the thoughtful one-on-one shopping service, amazing paper tearing art performance by a traditional silhouette-cutting artist and greeting cards workshop by fountain pen calligrapher, which brings festive atmosphere to Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.


Loewe’s first ever men’s store in Harbour City debuted on 11 October with a glamorous opening event, where KEYPAD readers were greeted with the brand’s latest Autumn Winter selection of ready-to-wear and an array of personalised goods such as leather trunks, game sets and the iconic 24-hour Amazona bag. The Dewars whisky tasting session adds to the joyous atmosphere.

GLAMOROUS RENDEZVOUS FOR DIAMOND MEMBERS / SEPTEMBER 2013 hosted a glamorous dinner for her Diamond Members at Conrad Hong Kong in mid-September. Members spent a relaxing night as they mingled over fine whisky from Glenmorangie and delicate cuisines under the spectacular night view.


The evenfall descends and the city is set aglow. At the most beautiful moment of Victoria Harbour, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan collaborated with top chefs in Hong Kong to present a gluttonous feast of sight and taste at InterContinental Hong Kong. Cuisines freshly made with ingredients shipped from Japan sparked a new sensation. Each dish, from appetizer to dessert, was paired with a designated sake. The seamless menu delighted every connoisseur at the scene including the renowned Hong Kong gourmet Mr. Chua Lam. The rendezvous of authetic Japanese food and sake was attended by more than 100 prominent guests coming from Japan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. It was truly a night to remember.


Keypad co-hosted a banquet with Martell in honour of Martell brand Ambassador, filling the excellent evening with wine and delicacy. Guests tasted the first-class Cognac “L’Or de Jean Martell” and took photos for the memorable moment.


The star-studded evening featuring Keypad 1st Anniversary: Celebrities and readers from professional fields celebrate this awesome moment with Keypad. Guests indulge themselves in this groovy party with delicacy food, splendid showcase and mind-blowing performance.


A rediscovery of the leather expertise: Our prestigious readers are invited to experience Loewe’s Made-To-Order Collection 2013 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Each of them creates personalized leather garment, according to their generous selection of materials, with 165 years of Loewe’s expertise.


Paul Smith joins with Keypad to present The Paul Smith Spring / Summer 2013 Collection at their Landmark boutique, freshening up the summer wardrobe of our beloved readers. Exclusive mix and match tips are also shared by the innovative stylist, Blue Carreon, making this summer hotter than ever.


Our prestigious readers take the time out with Yao Family Wines in Caran d’Ache Craftsmanship Appreciation Cocktail where they admire the delicately designed fountain pen from Caran d’Ache


The annual gathering for St. Paul’s Medical and Dental fellows.


Keypad Readers Gathering


Derml is launching their latest product, the Derml S after years of research, in Hong Kong.

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